Hilary Mason

Hilary Mason

NeuroMovement® (ABM) Practitioner / Vancouver, BC

Specializing in Children with Special Needs, Older Adults, and Adults with Disabilities


In NeuroMovement®, we gently move the body following proven principles to enable the brain to make new connections and do what it couldn't do before.

Created by Anat Baniel, NeuroMovement® (ABM) is based on the science of neuroplasticity, the founding ideas of the Feldenkrais Method, and the success stories that have followed.


About Hilary

Hilary Mason was the first NeuroMovement practitioner in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She operates a full-time practice dedicated exclusively to NeuroMovement, supporting clients of all ages at a customized treatment space in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. With three mastery certifications, Hilary has spent many hours learning and practicing alongside Anat and other senior practitioners. She was invited to support Anat's 5-day parent-child workshop in September 2016, and has organized and collaborated to bring Anat to Canada on several occasions. Hilary participates in several supervision and mentoring groups across Canada and the US, enabling her to continually refine her practice through work with other established practitioners.


Hilary and her son are their own NeuroMovement success stories. Hilary recovered from a challenging back injury, and her son (who has a dual diagnosis of cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorder) learned to walk contrary to the expectation of the local gait lab and learned to better regulate his emotions and connect with other people. Transformed by these experiences, Hilary changed her life path to become an expert practitioner spreading the reach and impact of NeuroMovement.


Hilary holds an ABM mastery certification for working with children with special needs, with several years experience working by day with local families and by night with her own son. Her work with children is rooted in 12 years of engagement with the local and international medical and therapeutic community for children with autism and cerebral palsy. She collaborates with parents with empathy and non-judgement as well as an intimate understanding of the complexities they are juggling. She also refers to other complementary local therapies, approaching her work not only as a practitioner within this community but also as a committed parent of a child with a disability and an ally to self-advocates in the disability and autistic communities.


While Hilary welcomes all adult clients, she specializes in working with older adults and adults living with disabilities (whether congenital, childhood-onset, or adult-onset). To deepen her work with adults, she holds ABM mastery certifications for high-performers and vitality and anti-aging. Hilary helps her adult clients unlearn years of pain tolerance and struggle as they (re)discover the ease by which they are able to access pain-free movement, strength, and energy.